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Elegant Media is a multimedia company that offers services in Online News, Commercials & Adverts, Events coverage, Film production, Photography, Videography, Cinematography, Sound management, DJ service, Media consultancy & Installation, Stage design & Lighting,
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We keep providing reliable online news which covers Global news esspecialy in Nigeria from business to politics, education, health, entertainment, sport, arts & culture. In news industry we maintained Truth, Integrity and Objective.
Elegant News ...informative, inspired.

Music Promotion

With over 10 Million people using social network platform daily to get the latest and trending songs, No doubting that you are in best place to get your Song across to millions of music lovers around the world.
We know what it takes to get your Song everywhere, let’s work together – your Music career dreams will surely be come reality.

We can make your Song become the next big hit in Nigeria.
As you already know, the music industry is hot and very competitive to break into. As such, you need to work with our Music promotion experts on the best way to go about it to make your Song the next hit in Nigeria.
With years experience in Music promotion on the Internet, we guranteed you a success as far as Nigeria & Africa is concerned. We know what and what to do to make your new jam blow up massively beyond your expectations.
As a realiable Music & Entertainment Website in Nigeria, we know the right promotional plans to deploy for you on all our platform at Elegant Media to make your song the next big thing. You definitely won't regret working with us.

Audiomack Promotion

As a Music artiste who’s passionate about his/her career, you need to have your Song uploaded on Audiomack!
The huge music platform can help you connect with millions of music lovers – who love to stream songs.
As millions of Nigerians are using other platform to download songs, others rely on Audiomack to stream their favorite songs.

Why Do I Need To Upload My Song On Audiomack?
As a serious artiste, you need to get your song on every possible platform you can lay your hands on so your existing and potential new fans can get to discover and access your materials.
Post on our platform and also do so on Audiomack – it’s never too much as all platforms have their own audiences which you need to excel in the Music industry
After Uploading Your Song On Audiomack – What Next?
As good as the platform is, only known Artistes are getting good numbers while the up & coming are left to suffer.
Sadly, it can be very frustrating seeing your song with poor numbers/low streams on Audiomack – it can lead to depression.
Over the past years, we have promoted/pushed a lot of songs for our clients who want massive streams on Audiomack. We know how to get good numbers of music lovers for any song on Audiomack.
We know what works and what doesn’t work on the platform, so be rest assured you are in a good road to success.
How Can I Get The Streams On My Audiomack Song?
Now that you know what we are capable of doing for your songs on Audiomack to get good numbers – we hope to work with you.

Youtube Advertisement (Promote Your Song & Video On Youtube)

Do you have a new Song or Music video and you want to promote it to millions of Nigerians?
As a brand known widely for Music promotion, we have used Youtube Ads to push/promote a countless number of new songs/videos and the results are huge
Do you know those Youtube Ads that come up when watching Videos/Movies on Youtube? – everyone knows them except you live under the rock
We know how to excellently use those Ads to push millions of Streams/Downloads to songs and millions of views to Music videos.
We can do the same for you too. You will buy use wine when you see the outcome

To Promote My Song/Video On Youtube?
1. We know how to reach your Target Audience
We understand Youtube promotion than anyone in the music industry as we know how to target the right people who will find your content interesting – this is very important.
Targetting is very key when promoting or advertising on Youtube and our skill in doing this as really helps us pushed our client’s contents to a whole new height.
We can get the whole of Nigeria to listen to your song or watch your new video on Youtube with our huge experience of Youtube advertisement.
2. We will use your small budget to achieve a big result
Most people promote their Song/Video on Youtube but they don’t get the result they need because they don’t know the dos and don’ts of Youtube promotion.
As a team of professional promoters, we know the nitty-gritty and the result we will generate for you will surely wow you even with your little budget.

Promote Your Song On Radio & Your Video On Major TV Stations

Promotion is key and very important except you want to remain unknown in the highly populated music industry.
As Nigeria’s No.1 realiable music promotion media, we can tell you that promoting your Songs & Videos online is not enough.
Yes, online promotion is very very important as other means of Promotion rely heavily on it to work out (see the examples below).
➺ If you listen to a song on Radio and you like it, what the next thing you will do? Go online right?
➺ If you just finish watching a video on TV and you want to keep watching it, what’s the next thing? Go online also right?
We hope we have been able to convince you with these 2 points?
Internet promotion is the king these days but TV and Radio promotions are equally important as their advantages are huge – you get to reach even more audiences who are yet to be your fans.

1. Some music lovers rely heavily on TV to know about new music videos as they can’t keep up with all the updates on the Internet.
2. Most busy people work in companies but love music gets to know about new songs when driving home in the comfort of their car.
3. Many offices or workshops have Radio or TV playing all through the day – you need them to know about your song.
4. Internet promotion gets to the youth mostly but if you need to reach a more matured & older audience, TV & Radio are also a good route to take.

1. Beat FM
2. Cool FM
3. Wazobia FM
4. Naija FM
5. Inspiration FM
6. Kennis FM
7. Unilag FM
8. Classic FM
9. Smooth FM
10. Kiss FM
11. Max FM
12. City FM
13. Soundcity FM
14. Top Radio
15. Tungba FM
16. Rainbow FM
17. Woman FM
18. Lasgidi FM
20. Nigeria Info
Also on our Radio channel (Elegant Radio)

1. HipTV
2. Soundcity
3. MTV Base
4. TVC Entertainment
5. Trace
6. Afro Pop
8. Africa Magic Yoruba

For procedures on how to get your Music/Video on Elegant Media, kindly contact us via any of the means on our contact details on Elegant Media.

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